First World War Home Front Legacy

During the First World War, Southampton Docks became the number one military embarkation port. Troops marched through the town on their way to the trenches, many never to return. The war had a profound effect on the Home Front of the country, including Southampton.

The Council for British Archaeology is coordinating a new national project to record the remains of surviving sites, structures and buildings of the First World War.

This Home Front Legacy Project runs throughout the First World War centenary period, 2014 to 2018. The records will eventually be included in local Historic Environment Records (HERs), including the Southampton HER.

To find out more about Southampton and the Home Front Legacy Project, see the Southampton HER First World War Leaflet at the foot of this page.

The Southampton HER already includes some information about First World War-related sites. A list of these records can be found to the right, along with a similar list of Second World War sites.

Further information about these sites is available by emailing

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