The 1846 map was the first detailed map of Southampton. It was surveyed in 1845/1846 and published in 1846 at the Ordnance Survey Office in Southampton.

The map covers the full extent of the Borough of Southampton as it was in 1846, bounded by Burgess Road (then known as Burgess Street) to the north, Hill Lane and the River Test estuary to the west, and the River Itchen to the east.

The 33 sheets of the 1846 map are at a scale of 60 inches to a mile (1/1056). The map is beautifully executed with artistic quality.

It is very detailed, making it invaluable to social and economic historians, geographers, and all those interested in the history of Southampton.

The map is very useful for the study of Southampton in later medieval times as comparatively few new buildings and extensions were constructed in the town between 1500 and 1800.

The map was surveyed shortly after the coming of the docks and the railway to the town in 1840, the two factors that started the development boom which enlarged and transformed the town.

The documents below give a taster of each sheet. To see the full map please use our interactive 1846 map

The documents include:

  • The complete 1846 map showing reference locations and the map sheet grid
  • The area of the medieval walled town in 1846, with a detail of the Bargate
  • Small images of each of the 33 map sheets
  • Larger versions of the complete map, with and without the map sheet grid

Use the document called Complete 1846 Map with reference locations and sheet numbers and a modern map of the city to locate each map sheet.

If you are uncertain which map sheet covers your area of interest, contact Historic Environment Record giving both the relevant modern address and postcode.

The only original copy of the 1846 map is held by Southampton archives, where colour prints of map sheets 25, 26 and 28 are available to purchase. Monochrome copies can be viewed at the archives and the reference library's Local Studies Collection.

Document Type Size
Complete 1846 Map with Reference Locations and Sheet Numberspdf1MB
1846 Map - Area of the Medieval Walled Town and Bargate Detailpdf473KB
1846 Map Sheet 01pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 02pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 03pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 04pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 05pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 06pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 07pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 08pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 09pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 10pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 11pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 12pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 13pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 14pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 15pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 16pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 17pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 18pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 19pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 20pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 21pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 22pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 23pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 24pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 25pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 26pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 27pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 28pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 29pdf408KB
1846 Map Sheet 30pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 31pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 32pdf401KB
1846 Map Sheet 33pdf401KB
Complete 1846 Map with grid sheet - A4pdf1MB
Complete 1846 map (no sheet grid)pdf2MB