A to Z of Council Services

Reading groups

Including a list of books for 2015

More about: Reading groups



More about: Recycling Centre

Register to vote

More about: Register to vote

Registering births and deaths

More about: Register a birth

Also See

Renew a library item

More about: Renew your item

Rent - council tenants

More about: Pay your rent


We have constructed a comprehensive guide on helping you to find a home or rent a room out.

More about: Renting

Resident & visitor permits

A permit is required to park in residents permit zones during restricted hours. Please read these pages carefully so that you do not get a parking ticket.

More about: Resident & visitor permits

Residential care homes

More about: Residential care homes

Right to Buy

The right to buy is a government scheme that allows council tenants to buy their council rented home at a lower price than the full market value.

More about: Right to Buy

Online Services


We have a schedule of planned maintenance which takes into account the condition and level of deterioration of the surface of the road.

More about: Roadworks and congestion Maps


We supply different bins/boxes and sacks for different types of rubbish, recycling and garden waste.

More about: Rubbish and bins

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