Single person discount review

Why is this happening?

Households claiming a single person discount of 25 percent on their Council Tax bill, are currently being checked for their authenticity using sophisticated data matching technology. This is part of an on going review to validate legitimate single person discount claims and identify and remove those being claimed in error or fraudulently.

A 25 percent discount, worth a minimum of £300 for a full financial year commencing 1 April, is given to anyone who claims to be living in a property on their own.

In partnership with Capita, checks are being carried out to see whether people are genuinely living alone, by cross-referencing with other sources of information about their household such as, but not limited to, the electoral roll registers and financial sector information.

Any persons failing to respond to requests for further information in relation to their claim will have the claim withdrawn from the beginning of the current financial year or from the date the discount was applied within the current financial year. If, during the review process, checks indicate that another adult is living at the address, the discount will be withdrawn.

You can complete your review online now. If you complete this form online you are not required to complete a paper form.

Single Person Discount Review form

If you have any queries relating to the review please call 0345 302 2311. Lines are open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) and calls are charged at the local rate.