Paying back an overpayment

If you have been overpaid, we will always send an invoice. If you still receive Housing Benefit, we will deduct money from your weekly benefit amount until the overpayment is cleared. If you are not getting Housing Benefit you will need to contact us and make a payment arrangement. You can pay using the following methods:

Online payment

You can make a payment using the council's secure online payment service.

You will need your invoice and your credit card to hand. Your card must be registered for 3D Secure for the payment to be successful.

Confirmation of your payment and a transaction reference number will be given and a receipt can be emailed to you if you need one.

Pay an invoice online

Standing order

You can also pay your overpayment via standing order. Please ask your bank or building society to quote the following details when making payments.

  • Bank: Lloyds
  • Sort code: 30-00-00
  • Account number: 00332526

You will need to quote your invoice number and the amount to be paid each month.

Direct Debit

To set up a direct debit, call 023 8083 2250. We will set up the direct debit with you over the phone. The payment date is always the 1 of the month. You will then receive a bill to confirm the amount of your instalments.

By post

Payment by post must be made by cheque or postal order, please do not send cash.

For all cheques and postal orders please cross and make payable to ‘Southampton City Council’. Please write your name, address and the invoice number on the back.

Post dated or third party cheques are not accepted. Receipts are not given by post unless asked for and a stamped addressed envelope provided.

Post your payment to: The Cash Office, Southampton City Council, One Guildhall Square, Southampton, SO14 7FP.

Contact the overpayments team directly

You can also contact us to make a payment arrangement. You can do this by emailing stating your offer of payment and how you would like to make your payments.

Alternatively you can call 023 8083 2250 to speak to an operator and set up a Direct Debit.

If you do not understand the overpayment

If you do not understand the information in your benefit letter you can ask us for more details. You have a legal right to ask us for the reasons we have made our decision.

  • If you do not agree with our decision you can ask us to look at it again or you can appeal
  • If you give us new information that means you are entitled to more Housing Benefit we will 'offset' the extra money against your overpayment
  • Your overpayment may be lower or you may not have been overpaid at all

If you fail to contact us or keep a payment arrangement we will take the following action

  • We can ask your employer to deduct money from your pay each payday until your overpayment is cleared
  • We can use a collection agency to call at your home to recover the money
  • We can register your debt with the county court which will affect your credit rating
  • If you owe us a large amount of money we may take steps to make you bankrupt