Changes to your bin collections

Starting on 5 June this year household bin collections in Southampton have changed to alternate weeks. Your general waste (green lidded bin) will be collected one week, and your glass and recycling (your grey box and your blue lidded bin) will be collected the next week.

The collection rounds have also be changed with new collection days for all households. We sent out a letter in May giving you your new collection dates. If for any reason you no longer have your calendar you can find out your collection days on our handy online calendar.

Which bin, which day? Find your address

We understand that moving over to alternate weekly bin collections will be of concern to some of our residents, however we are confident that by taking a few simple actions most residents will have no problems managing their waste.

We've put together the following list of suggestions to help:

  • You can apply for a larger recycling bin if needed
  • Ensure you’re recycling the correct items to help maximise the space in your general waste bin for the materials that cannot be recycled. Recyclable items are cardboard, paper - including newspapers, magazines, junk mail, phone books and directories, plastic bottles - drinks, toiletries and cleaning products, food tins, drink cans, metal biscuit and sweet tins, and empty aerosols. If you're unsure if an item can be recycled please visit our recycling page.
  • Take a look at our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle page, for tips on how to reduce the amount of waste in your general waste bin
  • You can compost your fruit and vegetable peelings along with other items, giving you free compost for your garden. Find out about our composters special offer
  • Depending on needs, some households may qualify for a larger general waste bin. Let us know about your needs to find out if you meet the criteria
  • By recycling right we can all help increase the city’s recycling rate and improve and protect the environment for future generations

If you have any further queries, take a look at our frequently asked questions.