Flats Recycling Champions

Southampton Recycling Team are running a new scheme which aims to increase the quality and quantity of recycling in flats with communal bins. We are looking for residents to work with us on this project by becoming a voluntary Recycling Champion.

We are looking for ‘champions’ in the following blocks:

  • Dumbleton Towers
  • Meredith Towers
  • Millbank House
  • Oslo Towers
  • Hampton Towers
  • Belvidere House
  • Mauretania House
  • Wharncliff House
  • Riverview House
  • Wyndham Court
  • Albion Towers

By becoming a voluntary ‘Recycling Champion’ for your block you will not only help to improve the quality and quantity of recycling, but will also benefit yourself by:

  • Getting to know more of your neighbours in your block
  • Having the opportunity to make a difference to where you live
  • Increasing your knowledge of recycling and helping others to recycle more
  • Being rewarded with £25 of Love 2 Shop vouchers after three months and a further £25 after six months

The project will run for approximately 6 months and you can spend as little or as much time fulfilling the role of champion. All that we ask is that you can commit 1 – 2 hours per week for the full duration of the project.

Full training will be provided, along with a resource pack to help you encourage your neighbours to recycle only the right things in the right bin.

If you would like to get involved please email: recycling@southampton.gov.uk