Recycling in schools

Recycling at school is a great way to save resources and get children involved in environmental issues.

If your school isn’t recycling already, we can provide a tailored waste and recycling collection service for your school. This could even save you money, as recycling collections are often cheaper than general rubbish collections. 

The more your school recycles and the less rubbish it produces, the more money you could save!

Free - waste and recycling talks

We can also provide free waste and recycling talks, assemblies and hands-on activity sessions to educate children about why we need to recycle. We will explain what happens to recyclables once they have been collected from homes and schools in Southampton.

Recycling can also contribute to achieving other initiatives such as Eco Schools and Sustainable Schools.

For more information about our recycling education sessions please contact our Recycling Team

Pledge 4 plastics is the national plastics recycling initiative which aims to boost plastic recycling in the UK and achieve real behaviour change through consistent and simple messages. Please see the secret life of recycled plastics video for more information.