Street entertainment

There is no need for street entertainers to seek authorisation from the council before they perform. However, performers are restricted to the following three street entertainment or busking points on the Precinct, map of points A, B and C. Performance in other locations is not allowed.

Loud music can cause nuisance and performers are asked to keep volumes to reasonable levels and amplified music is not allowed. Additionally, no dangerous or anti social performances are permitted. Failure to do so may lead to action by the city council and or the police.

Any performers using the above points do so at their own risk and indemnify the council against any damage caused by them, breaches of the law and/or claims made as a result of their usage of the land.

Many passers-by show their appreciation by dropping a few coins in a hat and this is allowed without authorisation providing that this forms part of the performers income. Collecting money for charities will need approval in advance from the city council. More information on charity collecting.

In addition, the sale of goods by performers (including CDs and DVDs) is not allowed as this is street trading which is contrary to a local Sale of Goods Order.