We help businesses comply with legislation and to trade fairly. We can also provide guidance on setting up systems to achieve compliance, identifying best practice and maintaining due diligence systems. To achieve the best results we work directly with the business providing the goods or services.

Starting a new business?

If you are starting a new business or introducing a new product or service, talk to us before you spend your money on packaging, marketing or starting production. Make sure you have a clear idea about what you intend to do because this will make identifying the relevant legislation easier.

Do you want help with Consumer Contracts?

If you would like help with consumer contracts, product labels or similar documents, start by recording what you think you will need. This will help us to see what you want to say so we can then work with you to comply with the relevant legislation.

Advice for retail businesses

If you have a retail business you can find guidance and information on trading standards related issues at Business Companion. This website can provide tailored advice when key words are entered in to the search or if a business type is selected.

Buy with confidence

Buy with Confidence provides businesses with recognition of good business practice. Your business contact details will be listed on the Buy with Confidence website for consumers to search.

You can be a member by contacting us at trading.standards@southampton.gov.uk. We will carry out an audit of your business practices to ensure they are legal, fair and honest for consumers.