The Local Government Transparency Code sets out categories of information that all councils should be publishing. We are committed to openness and transparency and publishing as much council data as we can to increase our accountability.

Council spending

Budget Book 2016/17 – Southampton City Council's 2016/17 budget book provides a comprehensive summary of the Council's 2016/17 Revenue Budget and details the assumptions made and risks considered in setting the budget. It also provides summary information of the Council's Medium Term Financial Position.

Statement of Accounts - The annual statement shows how we have used public money and that we have been honest and responsible. It has been prepared in accordance with the Accounting Code of Practice. The statement includes information regarding Chief Officers remuneration and staff who earn £50k per annum or more.

Pay and allowances

Open Data

Business Rates Data

Monthly business rates data reports providing information on empty properties, credit balances and liability

Business Rates - FOI requests

More documents are available through our Publication Scheme