The Council's Management Team comprises the Chief Executive and Directors. They work alongside the councillors and are responsible for the leadership and direction of the council, co-ordination and commissioning of council-wide activity and programme management.

Council Management Team structure

  • Richard Crouch, Interim Chief Executive

  • Mike Harris, Interim Deputy Chief Executive

  • James Strachan, Service Director - Digital & Business Operations

  • Jason Horsley, Joint Director Public Health

  • Mel Creighton, Service Director - Finance & Commercialisation 

  • Richard Ivory, Service Director - Legal & Governance

  • Stephanie Ramsey, Director of Quality & Integration

  • Emma Lewis, Service Director - Intelligence, Insight & Communications

  • Hilary Brooks, Service Director - Children & Families

  • Mitch Sanders, Service Director - Transactions & Universal Services

  • Paul Juan, Service Director - Adults, Housing & Communities

  • Stephanie Ramsey, Acting Director of Adult Social Services (DASS)

  • Denise Edghill, Interim Service Director - Growth

  • Janet King, Service Director - HR & OD