The Mayor of Southampton, Councillor Les Harris, has chosen the following two charities to support in his mayoral year. Any monies raised will be split between the charities at the end of his term of office. Both charities are local and very relevant for Southampton.

  • Southampton Children's Hospital
    This is the vision of Southampton Children’s Hospital which is a centre of specialist paediatric service with a record of treatment among the best in the country. Their need now is to develop a new state of the art Specialist Children’s Emergency and Trauma Department.

    This will provide emergency facilities to treat children away from the main accident and emergency department, and its associated units.

    The total costs for the whole venture are well over £4 million, but with the Government match funding; the target figure is £2 million.

    However, the costs are broken down to realistic figures we might be able to help achieve, for example a specialised bed for a child is £500 per unit; equipment for the new children’s observed playroom is £2,000.

  • Southampton Sea Cadets

    The Sea Cadets have been running for a number of years and at the moment have a small hut in Vespasian Way Southampton which is far too small to accommodate the number of young people who want to join. They can only accommodate up to 40 and have a waiting list twice that number.

    They have the opportunity to expand to a new plot of land next to where they are at present by courtesy of Radian Housing Association who will lease them a large plot with access to the river. They then need to put up accommodation so they can cope with more than double the number of trainees.

    They are a Royal Yachting Association recognized training centre and the staff are all properly qualified.

    Much of the work on the new building will be done by volunteers to keep costs down, but they need to raise between £30,000 and £40,000 to complete the work.