Adult Social Care charging policy

This page contains information about the consultation on revising the adult social care charging policy. This consultation must be seen in conjunction with the council’s wider consultation on budget proposals for 2019/2020 - 2020/2021. We also ran two other consultations which you may be interested in: future of two residential care homes and revising service charges for tenants. Please do take some time to read about the financial challenges we face and the other consultations you can contribute to.

What was the consultation on the Adult Social Care charging policy about?

We sought views on a specific set of proposals regarding a new Adult Social Care charging policy. This policy sets out how we charge people for a contribution towards the cost of their social care, in line with the Care Act 2014, which provides a national legal framework for charging and for recovering debts.

Southampton City Council currently does not charge for some services that it provides, although it is permitted to charge for these services under the Care Act 2014. In other cases where there is a charge, the amount does not cover the actual cost of the service being delivered. In order that we can afford to maintain all our services we are thinking about making changes to the charging policy so that we can recover all our administrative costs.

The consultation on the adult social care charging policy was open from 24 October 2018 until 16 January 2019.

For all budget proposals an Equalities and Safety Impact Assessment is carried out to consider the potential effects of the proposals and plan mitigations. Please also refer to the frequently asked questions for more information.

Please see the main budget consultations page for more information about the other consultations that were open during this consultation period.

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