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This page contains information about the consultation on the future of Holcroft House and Glen Lee residential care homes. This consultation must be seen in conjunction with the council’s wider consultation on budget proposals for 2019/2020 - 2020/2021. There are also two other consultations running which you may be interested in: Adult Social Care charging policy review and revising service charges for tenants. Please do take some time to read about the financial challenges we face and the other consultations you can contribute to.

What is the consultation on the future of Glen Lee and Holcroft House about?

Southampton City Council currently provides residential care services for older people and older people with dementia at Glen Lee and Holcroft House. The council has considered a number of options relating to these homes including closing one or both of them, re-modelling one of them so it can support people with more complex needs, or refurbishing the homes and keeping both homes open as they are now.

Our preferred option at this stage is to close them both. This is because:

  • Demand for residential care is decreasing as many people want to continue living at home for as long as possible, or to access alternatives like Housing with Care or our Shared Lives scheme

  • As a result, there are more residential care placements in the local area than are needed. There are currently 36 residential homes that are Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered to provide dementia care in or near the boundary of the city, and as of October 2018 there were 70 vacancies available to the council for residential care placements across these homes (including the two homes run by the council)

  • Both Glen Lee and Holcroft House are dated buildings, and whilst the quality of the care by staff is good, the facilities no longer meet modern standards

  • Bringing Glen Lee and Holcroft House up to modern standards, or remodelling them to provide more intensive support for people with more complex needs, would mean fewer people could be supported in those homes. Therefore, some people currently living there would have to move into alternative accommodation, and others would experience disruption whilst the works were being completed. It would also require significant investment

  • There are many other providers across the city who are able to support people who need residential care, in high quality and modern environments. By using these providers it would allow the council to focus on Housing with Care and community-based services and would enable the council to make savings

  • Closing these homes would save the council £1.3 million a year, which would help us to deliver a balanced budget

Have your say

It is very important that we get your feedback before we make any decisions. Please read the following information and complete the questionnaire to give us your views. We are interested to hear about any ways in which the proposals could affect you or others and any alternatives you feel we should consider. For all budget proposals an Equalities and Safety Impact Assessment is carried out to consider the potential effects of the proposals and plan mitigations. Please also refer to the frequently asked questions for more information.

You can complete the questionnaire on the future of Holcroft House and Glen Lee from 24 October 2018 until 16 January 2019. In addition to this, you can email us at

Consultation 2: Future of two residential care homes

If you would like to take part in any of the other consultations, please see the main budget consultations page for more information.