Care Act consultation

Southampton City Council is consulting on proposed amendments to the Adult Social Care Charging Policy.

There are two significant reasons as to why Southampton City Council are proposing to amend their current charging policy for adult social care.

Firstly, Adult Social Care is now governed by new legislation. From 1 April 2015 the Care Act became a live piece of legislation which gives local authorities different powers and responsibilities.

Secondly, the council are currently implementing a transformation programme within the city. The aims are to improve the services that residents receive from Southampton City Council.

This consultation covers a number of proposals which we would like you opinion on. These topics are:

  • Appointeeships
  • Deputyship
  • Deferred Payments Scheme
  • Self-funders

The questionnaire contains background information on each of the proposals to inform your answers. It also describes a numbers of options which the council are considering and explains, based on current information, which is the council’s preferred option.

This consultation will be open from 22 January 2016 until 15 April 2016.

The council will take into account everyone’s views before making a decision and before amending any policy. Therefore it is important that if you have any thoughts and ideas you given them to the council before the consultation closes.

There are lots of ways to contact the council to give your ideas.

We appreciate this can be a complex subject to understand so we have created a list of frequently asked questions which will help you understand the subjects and the council's proposals.

These FAQs are also available to download via PDF