Improving outcomes for patients

Improving outcomes for patients transitioning from hospital care

The public consultation on Improving outcomes for patients transitioning from hospital care is now closed. We will update these pages when further details are available. The supporting information for the consultation is available below.

We are seeking your views on health, care and support service proposals on the development of an integrated rehabilitation and reablement service. Rehabilitation services are about supporting people to recover from injury, illness or disease so they can regain as much independence as possible e.g. learning to walk again. Reablement services are about helping people adapt and live better with any on-going illness e.g. re-learning how to cook, or manage own medication. The consultation is your opportunity to tell us what you think about the proposals, and how they might affect you. It is also your opportunity to suggest any other alternatives that we have not already considered.

This consultation is about improving how and where health, care and support services are provided for people following a stay in hospital. We want to help people to:

  • Avoid unplanned or unnecessary admissions to hospital in the first place
  • Only stay in hospital for as long as they medically need to
  • Recover more quickly following treatment (i.e. rehabilitation services)
  • Learn/ relearn daily living skills to better manage any ongoing illness or condition (i.e.
    reablement services)

The development of an integrated service for rehabilitation and reablement provision is a key element of the Southampton Better Care Plan, which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people in our city. We want to improve people’s experience of care and the outcomes they achieve by transforming the way care is provided in Southampton. We also need to make better use of our resources (staff and money) to help us to do this.

The consultation closed on 27 November 2015.


Paper copies of the questionnaire are available at Brownhill House and at the offices of Age UK, Carers In Southampton and Healthwatch Southampton. If you have any questions about the consultation or wish to request paper copies of the questionnaire you can contact us at

Information and assistance

The following agencies may be able to offer you support if you need help to feedback your views:

Background information

The following information should help you understand more about what we are consulting on:

More detailed information can be found within the Cabinet report which is available here: