Pay and allowances - your guide to the new framework

The council is introducing a revised Pay and Allowances framework which is sustainable, fair and consistent across the organisation.

The majority of employees will be unaffected by the changes and no-one will lose their job as a result of them.

The changes are the result of negotiations with the Trade Unions under the council's policy of collective bargaining.

The changes concern:

These pages contain information on all the new framework. Please visit this site on a regular basis for updates to keep you fully informed. Follow the links below to find more detail on each topic, some general information and frequently asked questions. There is a separate section for school employees, which contains just those topics that are relevant to schools.

So where do I go if I have questions or need help?

  • Your manager/Head Teacher will be the person best placed to answer any specific questions about the impact of these changes on your circumstances.
  • Your Trade Union representative, as the new framework has been negotiated with the Trade Unions.
  • For general queries about the Pay and Allowances framework you can also contact the Helpdesk on 023 8091 7770 (option 5).