If you lose a dog

  • Contact the Animal Welfare Officers on 023 8083 3005 (option 4) during office hours to report your dog missing. We will need to know where you lost your dog, a brief description of him/her and whether they were wearing a collar and ID tag or are microchipped
  • Other agencies that may have information about lost dogs include local vets and animal welfare agencies such as the RSPCA or Blue Cross
  • Local TV and Radio stations, and the local press may be able to run 'LOST' adverts for you
  • Talk to people who regularly walk around the area (milkman, postman, newspaper delivery people) and to your neighbours - they may have seen your dog. 

You must make sure that your dog has a collar with a tag whenever he or she is away from your property.

If you find a dog

  • Check to see if the dog has any identification tags on its collar, and contact the owner if possible
  • If you cannot contact the owner, or the owner is unknown, one of the Animal Welfare Officers who will arrange to collect the dog and give you further advice
  • If you find a dog outside normal office hours, contact Three Oaks Boarding Kennels on 01489 892760 for advice on what to do next
  • Remember it is illegal to keep a dog without informing the Animal Welfare Officers

Kennelling fees for 2019-2020

  • Daily kennelling charge £19.00
  • Statutory fee £25.00
  • Rehoming on behalf of a partner agency per dog £87.00
  • Microchipping at reclaim £18.50
  • Administration fee (includes price of new ID tag) £5.30

Scale of charges

Day dog reclaimed
(Day of seizure is day 1)
Fees payable by owner including VAT
(Not including vet fees)
1 £49.30
2 £68.30
3 £87.30
4 £106.30
5 £125.30
6 £144.30
7 £163.30