Energy procurement

Gas and electricity are supplied to many of the council's schools and other sites by Kent Laser; an energy procurement group run through Kent County Council. Kent Laser procure energy on our behalf and verify all bills to make sure we are not paying more than we should be.

This helps us to meet our legal obligations under the Carbon Reduction Commitment. The current contract runs to September 2020 for electricity and October 2020 for gas. Currently Npower supply our electricity and Total supply gas and all site meters should be on the Laser contract for electricity.

Joining the Kent Laser contract brings these benefits

  • lower energy bills and smart meter installed for free in many cases
  • billing is double checked for you to avoid error or overestimates
  • the council has a clearer picture of energy use across the estate and can target assistance where there is greatest need for energy use reductions

Smart meters

Smart meters are automatically read by the energy supplier which substantially improves meter accuracy and stops the need for estimated readings. As a local authority this gives huge reductions in the costs for managing and paying for energy.


Although Laser procure energy at the best market rates, we validate your bills to ensure the rates you are charged are correct and that the bills are received in a timely basis.

If you have 'smart meters', often known as 'AMR' meters, you do not have to provide meter readings. If you are not sure which meter you have please get in touch

If you do not have a 'smart meter' it is important that you read your meter between the 23 and 26 of each month and provide this data to us using SystemsLink to ensure billing accuracy.

Add or remove a site from the contract

If you need to add or remove a site from the contract, including site works, extension, demolition or meter change, please contact us at Please provide us with

  • the site details
  • Mpan for electric or MPR for gas
  • up to date meter reading

If you are managing a new connection you should nominate Npower as your electricity supplier and Total as your gas supplier.