Report a rat problem


If you see a rat in your garden on just one occasion, there is generally no need to contact us. Rats will come into gardens and houses for a number of reasons, mainly on the lookout for food. If you leave food out for birds, foxes, hedgehogs or your pets, this can attract rats onto your property. If you regularly see rats or clear evidence of the presence of rats, such as holes, excavated soil under sheds, runs (rats usually use the same route and this can give the soil a smooth/shiny appearance) or droppings, we recommend you contact our pest control service.

If you see rats coming from a neighbour’s property, please discuss this with them as they may already be aware and treating the problem. If they are unaware, encourage them to take action to ensure the problem is treated. If they are unwilling to do this, please report it to us.

Please note: Overgrown gardens do not necessarily attract rats.

Rats live in many areas of the city and we have programmes in place to treat these in key areas. If you see a rat in a public open space, please report it to us. The information we gather will be used to support development of treatment plans.

Request a pest control service for your own property

Report a pest sighting in a garden or open space