Clean Air Network

The following organisations and individuals are members of the Clean Air Network (CAN).

Their membership means that they can use the ‘member of the Clean Air Network logo’ on their marketing materials; other benefits include:

  • Improved responsibility and public relations
  • Wellbeing of staff, customers and the surrounding community
  • Cross sector partnerships
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Sharing ideas and examples of what has worked best

In addition, they all receive a CAN membership card that offers a range of sustainable services and goods.



Abbie Hills
Alexandra Haynes
Ali Baker
Ben Marshall
Benjamin Harding
Brian Godfray
Charlotte Ndupuechi
Christine M Westwood
Colin Bull
David Hacking
Douglas Spring
Helen Farley
James Stone
Jill Chan
Jimmy Tejada
John Hutton
John Spottiswoode
Joshua Taylor
Katherine Barbour
Kay Soussi
Ken Carroll
Mark Cowles
Michael Boniecki
Mike Kelly
Olga Kantoch
Paul Webb
Richard Barnett
Richard Blackman
Roland Langer
Shannon Lennock
Shanté Jackson
Tanya Bellows