Part of our strategy is a commitment to introduce a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) in Southampton to support an increase in air quality for everyone in the city.

CAZs are areas where there is a focus on improving air quality by reducing emissions. They include some of our most affected city centre areas, and will see the most polluting vehicles discouraged from entering the zone through charges.

The Clean Air Zone was implemented in Southampton on a non-charging basis in 2017. The CAZ consists of a programme of measures to reduce emissions, including promoting ways in which people can do so, and offering incentives. 

Access restrictions and penalty charging will eventually be introduced as part of the mandatory CAZ’s in 2019, as per statutory requirements. Importantly, the charges will be set at levels designed to reduce pollution, not to raise additional revenue beyond recovering the costs of the scheme. 

We are currently undertaking a local level air quality technical assessment in order to determine the extent of our CAZ and which vehicles will be liable to charging. We will be able to share outcomes in 2018.