The quality of the air we breathe can significantly affect our health and wellbeing. In general, air quality in Southampton is good but some parts of the city can be affected by local pollution.

The major sources of air pollution in Southampton are road transport emissions (especially heavy goods vehicles) and industrial emissions associated with the Southampton Port.

The council has a statutory duty to review and assess air quality in Southampton and this function is undertaken by Regulatory Services - Scientific Service.

Air quality today

You can find Southampton's real-time air monitoring results here.

Southampton is one of five UK cities to implement a new programme of Clean Air Zones.

By 2020 the council will be required to introduce a Clean Air Zone which discourages the most polluting vehicles entering the city through the levying of a penalty charge.

We are currently seeking the views of taxi and private hire vehicle operators with regards to funding to help to replace the most polluting vehicles with low emission alternatives. The survey is open until 7 August.

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Air quality inquiry
The council has completed a scrutiny inquiry into Air Quality. The purpose of the inquiry was to develop understanding of the issues of air quality in Southampton and to identify what additional steps can be taken, if necessary, to improve it.

Further details can be found in the document Inquiry Plan and Terms of Reference.

Air quality Scrutiny Inquiry