We are evaluating local air quality to ensure that our Local NO2 (reduction) Plan and the actions detailed are delivering the improvements we anticipated. As part of this we are conducting an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) survey to assess the traffic and the emission levels its impact on our Local NO2 Plan. The cameras will be fitted on Monday 9 December 2019, we do not expect any delays in traffic. The survey will be active for seven days.

This work is a repeat of a similar survey conducted in December 2016 as part of our assessment of the cities need to introduce a clean air zone. It will allow us to identify the details of vehicles in the city which we can then feedback into the air quality model used for this original feasibility work, allowing us to more accurately predict future air quality and inform our future management.

The ANPR cameras will record license plate data of all vehicles, creating a database of the number and type of vehicles which pass this point. The data is not used to enforce any traffic laws.

What happens with the data?

Data gathered is anonymous and will only be available to our air quality and traffic analysis teams. The data will also be shared with external agencies to support the data review for central analysis. You can see our full Data Protection Impact Assessment.

These agencies are:

  • ITS Leeds to support the government’s central evaluation analysis
  • Ricardo and Systra to feed into their local and national air quality model and the Department for Transport

The ANPR system is managed by Tracsis Traffic Data Ltd. Images are captured in compliance with GDPR/UK Data Protection Legislation. It is routinely deleted after three months unless there is a legitimate reason for the retention.

Where are the ANPR cameras?

The ANPR cameras are going to installed on six roads in the city:

  • Dorset Street
  • A33 Millbrook West
  • A33 Redbridge Road
  • Shirley High Street
  • A3024 Bitterne Road West
  • Itchen Bridge area

Who can you contact for more information?

If you would like more information on the survey, please email airquality@southampton.gov.uk

For more information on how your data will be captured and stored, please contact the Data Protection Officer at Tracsis Traffic Data on 01937 833933

Please keep up to date with activity relating to our Local NO2 Plan and Clean Air activities by visiting our air quality pages.