Working together for cleaner air

Southampton CAN – Clean Air Network

A network of organisations including businesses, charities, educational institutions and many others from across Southampton are forming a partnership called Southampton Clean Air Network (CAN). 

Together this group is committed to doing what it can to reduce levels of air pollution in the city through changes in personal and organisational actions, encouraging all those who they meet and do business with to do the same, and by actively supporting each other to find ways that help to improve air quality in the city. 

The Clean Air Network believes that Southampton CAN make a big difference to air quality! 

Air Quality Champions 

People from the community, businesses and other organisations are being asked to join up to take practical action to support improved air quality in the city.

Our Air Quality Champions (AQCs) receive free training, where they learn all about air pollution and health, and how idling cars contribute a huge amount to local air pollution. 

Teams of AQCs take part in short no-idling events across the city, maybe outside schools or other areas where high levels of pollution are sometimes recorded. At these events they chat with drivers in a friendly, informative and non-judgmental way to persuade them of the benefits (to air quality, to everyone’s health, and to their own pockets). 

AQCs are given tips on how to be persuasive in a short amount of time, and how to respond to drivers’ reasons for idling. Many drivers do not realise that idling is bad for air pollution, and some believe some common ‘idling myths’. Our volunteers invite drivers to become part of our campaign and improve local air quality by switching off their engines. 

For more information about either CAN or the Air Quality Champions, email