Each home is different and as such the number of people who can live there safely will differ. This will depend on the number of rooms as well as the kitchen and bathroom facilities. We know it can be difficult living in accommodation that is overcrowded. There are standards that each home can be assessed against and these look at the rooms available and their sizes. More detailed information about overcrowding can be found on the Shelter website.

If you are overcrowded there are other options you may want to think about.

Buying a home
If you want to buy a home you can find details of affordable home ownership by visiting Help to Buy South

Mutual exchange
This means you will need to find another local authority or housing association tenant to swap properties with. You can register for free on the Homeswapper website to find tenants who live locally and nationally, who are also looking for a new property.

Private landlords
You may be able to find a bigger home by renting from a private landlord.

Council and housing association
Homebid is the choice-based lettings partnership between Southampton City Council and partner Housing Association.

If you are concerned about your rented home or want more advice and information about how to report problems visit our Help with housing section