What do we offer?

We offer peace of mind to individuals and their carers with our advanced care technology equipment. Our service comes with alarm packages so you can rest assured that you or your family members are being supported 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.

How does it work?

By pulling a cord or pressing a wrist or neck pendant, customers will immediately be put in contact with a local operator. Some of our more sophisticated equipment will automatically trigger a call even if the customer is unable to press a button. We can then send emergency help, contact family members or simply have a reassuring chat, depending on the situation.

Please note that our responders are unable to provide personal care (such as bathing).

How are we different from other providers? 

  • Local staff – we have local staff who answer calls and visit (if they can assist e.g. they have fallen and are uninjured) within 45 minutes (this was achieved 95% of the time in 2018). This means there is less pressure on the ambulance service, your loved one won’t be taken out of their home unnecessarily or be left waiting for help for extended periods of time. 
  • Home installations – we offer home installations as standard so you or your family members don’t have to worry about the setup process. 
  • Transparent pricing – our fees are transparent and any profit goes back in to delivering and improving our service.

Is this service for me or my family member?

Our service is available to anyone who wants some reassurance that they can call for help quickly and easily in case of an emergency. This could be because they are elderly, or have a disability of any age and would like peace of mind.

The only restriction is that you must live in Southampton or within 20 miles of the city boundaries.

You may be referred by social workers and health professionals in Southampton.

You can watch this short case study video to see how some of our customers are benefiting.

What services are available?

The below table showcases which features are available with our Gold and Silver Service:

Feature Gold Service - monitoring and responding service Silver Service - monitoring service and personal contacts
Home unit
Pendant alarm
Access to our 27/7 call centre
Access to our local emergency responder service*
Available in Southampton only
Available outside of Southampton (within 20 miles)
Full price per week (includes VAT)
Price per week for those with illness or disability (no VAT)

*For our Gold Service our trained responders will need access to your property in the event of an emergency so you will need a secure key safe, with a coded access system, on the exterior of your property. We can arrange for a key safe to be supplied and fitted or you can choose to buy and fit one yourself. 

For our Silver Service you will need to have two personal contacts who are key holders, and are willing to respond and go to your home when required. Your contacts must be able to access your property and live local to you so they can respond if needed. At least one of them must live at a different address to you.

Are there any extra costs and how do I pay?

In addition to the weekly fees listed in the table, there is a one-off equipment installation charge, and a key safe charge (if you need one to be installed for you by the service). 

  • Installation charge - £10 within Southampton city boundaries / £20 up to 20 miles outside the city boundary 
  • Key safe charge (if required) - £40

The easiest way to pay for most is by direct debit however please contact us to discuss other payment options.

Our contact details

Contact us if you, your family, friends or neighbours who could benefit from the service and you would like to find out more.

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Call us on: 023 8083 3675
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We also provide a service for those with an identified care need, where more specialist equipment might be more appropriate. Speak to your social worker or Independence Advisor for more information.