Searching for adopted children

If your child was adopted in Southampton and you want to try and find them now that they are an adult, Southampton’s Adoption Support Team will be able to check its own records to see if the adopted person has made enquiries themselves, as well as providing a full intermediary service if you decide you would like to try and make contact. If you are a birth parent, and are suffering distress, you may be entitled to access counselling services.

Adopt South two sisters

Recent adoptions

If your child was adopted recently and the contact arrangements that were set up at the time of the adoption have changed, the Adoption Support Team can look into this on your behalf.

Support groups

We regularly run a workshop for adults who are tracing adopted adults and birth relatives who are seeking to have or have had a reunion. We also have support groups for children and adopters. Contact the Adoption Support Team for more information.

Intermediary services

Southampton’s Adoption Support Team is able to help birth relatives who live in Southampton and who would like to know more about children who have been adopted.

The Adoption Contact Register

The Adoption Contact Register is designed to put adopted people and their birth relatives in touch with each other if that is what they both want. The Register does not contain the details of everyone who was adopted or is looking for their adopted family member as it is a voluntary register.

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