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16 plus carers (or Supported Placements) provide a safe environment for a young person as they prepare to leave the care of the Local Authority.

The scheme is for young people aged 16-21 (or 24 if remaining in higher education) who are leaving care. A stable setting is needed to enable a young person to continue education, or actively seek training and employment.

A carer must be over 21 years of age, provide satisfactory references and comply with the Disclosure and Barring Service requirements. There is a comprehensive assessment process, which takes approximately six months.

How do I apply?

Contact the 16 plus carers scheme using the details at the bottom of this page or complete the Enquire About Fostering form.  Please mention you're specifically interested in the 16 Plus Carers Scheme in the ‘What attracts you to Fostering’ section. A 16 Plus Carers Scheme social worker will arrange a convenient time to visit you and answer any queries.

Enquire About Fostering

Role of 16 plus carers

The carer helps the young person, with support from the 16 Plus Team, to develop the skills needed for independent living. They will need to respect and promote the independence and individual choice of the young person.  Placements aim to ensure that the young person has good information on which to base their decisions.

The scheme works to the aims for young people outlined in Every Child Matters and The Children Act 2004

Funding and support 

Financial support is provided by the Local Authority, or through the young person claiming benefits with assistance from a social worker.

Placement providers receive contributions from the young person in addition to an allowance payment from either the Local Authority, or Housing Benefit.

If you are on benefits or pay tax

We recommend you inform these agencies, however if the young person is under 18 years it is unlikely that this will affect any benefits you are entitled to.  If you are concerned, the 16 plus carer scheme social worker will be happy to discuss this with you.


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