Independent Visitor Volunteer Scheme

The Independent Visitor Volunteer Scheme is a statutory service for children who are ‘looked after’. It is for those children who would benefit from having an independent adult in their life.

The scheme is provided by volunteers who want to befriend and support a young person on a long-term basis. We offer this service in order to give young people the chance to spend time, and build a relationship with, an adult who is not involved in their lives as a professional or carer.

This scheme is voluntary for the young people, which means that they can choose to have an Independent Visitor at any time between the ages of 8-18 years.

If you are interested in becoming an Independent Visitor Volunteer, please contact 'No Limits'.

Email: or

You can also visit the No Limits website to find out more.

Just 4U Advocacy Service

The Just 4U Advocacy Service offers support to children and young people who are Looked After by Children's Services, who have left care or who have a social worker.

Advocates are friendly and won't judge you. We will listen to you and help you work out what you want to say (if you don't already know).

If you want us to, an advocate can support you in meetings with your social worker and other people that help you. We can help you work out what you want to say and speak up on your behalf, or be there by your side to help you speak up yourself.

Role of volunteers

You will visit, telephone or email your matched child regularly, give advice on everyday life and act as a role model. You will need to be committed to the scheme for at least 12 months and be reliable, patient and trustworthy.

You will also organise fun activities that suit your matched child or young person and work with the child or young person's carers and the Local Authority to support the best interests of the child.

Volunteering may also involve helping the child or young person to address any concerns or complaints they have and encouraging and supporting them to get help from professionals if they need it. 

No formal qualifications are required for this role however some experience of dealing with children and young people aged 8-18 years old would be useful. Successful volunteer Independent Visitors are provided with a full induction and training programme by No Limits.

Young people 

If you are a 'looked after' young person and would like to know more about the scheme, please contact No Limits. If you decide that you would like an Independent Visitor, please complete a referral form which can be found via the No Limits website.

Your social worker will also be able to help you. For an overview of other services available to you which complement your Independent Visitor, please visit the No Limits website.

Carers and professionals

If you know a looked after young person who meets the criteria for a befriender, please contact No Limits on the details above to discuss further.