Southampton Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service

Southampton Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service offers help to recover for those challenged by the use of drugs or alcohol. We provide a wide range of community-based support, treatment and rehabilitation services, designed to meet individual needs. We can also offer support to the family and friends of the person who has contacted us.

Getting help for drug and alcohol problems

An initial assessment is carried out by a Recovery Worker, so we can identify the support and services that will suit you best.

We provide:

  • co-ordinated care and monitoring throughout treatment
  • harm reduction advice and information
  • brief interventions
  • psychosocial interventions
  • referral for structured Whole Person Recovery treatment if appropriate
  • personalised budgets for detox and rehabilitation services
  • access to housing and benefits advice and support
  • access to employment, training and education advice

Whole Person Recovery

After the initial assessment, you could be referred to the Interventions Team. A key worker will work with you and support you through your recovery. You will decide on the type of support you receive, which can include a range of options, including clinical and psychosocial care.

We provide:

  • one to one sessions, workshops and groups
  • medically assisted recovery
  • comprehensive health assessments and blood borne virus (BBV) testing and immunisation
  • partnerships with specialist services
  • drug and alcohol recovery counselling
  • recovery programmes such as Roads to Recovery and Acceptance Commitment Therapy
  • complementary therapies for example, mindfulness, creative art and music
  • sports sessions including boxing, gym, kickboxing, football and golf (provided by the Saints4Sport project in partnership with Southampton FC’s Saints Foundation)
  • pathways to employment