Mental Health Day Services

Southampton Day Services are for individuals aged 18 and over who have mental health support needs. This involves offering opportunities and experiences in the following activities

  • Education
  • Voluntary work
  • Employment
  • Recreation and leisure

Activities take place at a range of venues in the city and in the wider community. The aim is to support you in your recovery, to live a satisfying full life with the absence of any symptoms.

Support and activities are flexible and can change and develop over time, depending on your needs. In talking and getting to know you, we will discuss what support would suit you and help you to do the things you want to do. It is all about you having control of your own life and choices.

Activities currently on offer include

  • Art and craft
  • Ceramics
  • Exercise
  • Gardening
  • IT
  • Sensory and relaxation
  • Photography

All the groups and activities available are identified and developed with your needs in mind. If you think our support might be for you, please contact your Care Manager / Social Worker or Community Health Nurse.

Day Services/Opportunities are listed on Southampton Information Directory

We aim to help you get access to alternative agencies and support groups, employment and community skills or voluntary work.

We also aim to help you to improve and develop your

  • General well-being
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Communication skills
  • Decision making