Resources to support staff mental and physical health

Help! How can I help my staff?

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Being available, listening to your staff and ensuring conversation about health and wellbeing is part of your regular 1:1s, means that sometimes you might need to respond to staff concerns about their health or fitness.

It's not just a good and responsible thing to do; supporting your people to be healthier and feel better day-to-day will improve their performance in the workplace and help your business flourish.

Below, you'll find reliable information, downloadable resources, exercises, apps and more to support you and/or your team members to look after - and maybe even improve! - their personal health, wellbeing and fitness. These can be shared with your team, used to inform your workplace wellbeing strategy or activities, and added to your Wellbeing Noticeboard

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Why should we look after our general health?

Feeling fit and healthy today is no excuse not to try and live well long term. This is the best way to help prevent avoidable ill health in the future. Help your people stay in good general health with this advice from the NHS and British Heart Foundation

Blood pressure is just one indicator of health - staff over 30 and living in Southampton can request a free Mini NHS Health Check from Active Nation.

The Active Communities Get Active programme offers a structured health and wellbeing programme for adults in Southampton who have a medical condition and currently do less than 30 minutes of exercise five times a week that leaves them out of breath.

There's only one you

Everybody should be equipped to look after themselves. The NHS has launched One You to provide free information, advice and resources to help anybody improve their health and wellbeing.

They've also produced a list of recommended apps so you can care for your wellbeing on the go.

Adapting to working from home

There are many advantages to working from home, but adjusting to the change in work environment is sometimes difficult. Forge a new routine and be productive as ever with this adapting to working from home exercise.

How can we be more active?

Sitting for too long and not taking enough physical activity can lead to ill health. Being more active has significant benefits for your health, both physical and mental. Inspire your people to get moving with our ideas for manageable exercise inspiration

How can we eat more healthily and maintain/attain a healthy weight?

It's not always easy to eat well, but maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is crucial to good health and helping you feel in top condition every day. Find out more about the manageable changes that can be made to an everyday diet with our free healthy eating resources

Why should we quit smoking?

Smokers face an increased risk of cancer and other illnesses, as well as a detrimental effect on their overall health. While it can be a difficult process, there is plenty of free support available to help anybody quit smoking

Why should we look after our emotional wellbeing?

Everybody has mental health, but not everybody looks after it as carefully as their physical health. Whether it be stress, money worries, or a mental illness like depression, taking simple steps to care for mental health can vastly improve anybody's overall wellbeing. We've put together some emotional wellbeing top tips and resources, as well as an acitivity focused on building mental wealth.

Financial difficulties can be a huge source of stress, wreaking havoc on mental wellbeing. We've gathered some information and advice for people facing money worries

How can we sleep better?

Good sleep is as crucial for good health as eating and drinking well. Sleeping properly gives brains and bodies a chance to rest, which in turn improves both mental and physical health. If anybody is struggling to sleep or feeling tired too frequently, these resources for sleeping better can help.

Owls or larks? Flexible working arrangements can also help by enabling people (within reason and business demands) to work productively and rest deeply in the hours that best suit their sleep and energy patterns.

Talking with staff about their health and wellbeing

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Email about workshops that help managers to feel confident having conversations with staff about their health.

Still feeling uncertain how to talk to your staff about health and fitness? The charity Mind offers guidance on having healthy conversations at work in their Wellness Action Plans