Information for leaseholders

As a leaseholder you are legally obliged to pay a share of the cost of the services and major works that we provide to your block.

As your landlord we have a duty to maintain the building and charge you for your share of the costs.

The costs are divided equally between the number of the flats in the block. This is reviewed every year.

More information on service charges can be found in the booklet 'Leaseholder information'.

Service charges

Estimated service charges are calculated in March each year and are charged every month from April. Every September the previous years' charges are balanced and a debit or credit is added to your account for immediate payment.

Service charges may include:

  • Communal repairs
  • Lighting of communal areas
  • Warden services and cleaning
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Concierge and door entry system
  • Landlord heating (if applicable)
  • Bulk bin emptying
  • Major works to the building
  • Buildings insurance

Pay your service charges
Your card must be registered for 3D Secure for the payment to be successful.

Administration fee

The 15% administration fee covers the costs of working out your service charges and major works. These costs include preparing and administering service charges, carrying out statutory consultation for major works, answering communication from leaseholders, and collection of the relevant charges.

If you do not agree with the service charges you should bring this to our attention and an investigation will be carried out regarding any disputed charges.

If you do not agree with the result, you can get a second opinion from the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal


If your account is in arrears you will be sent a letter reminding you to pay. It is very important that you get in touch with us so that we can help you clear your account. If you ignore this letter or any further letters, we may approach your lender or take you to the county court.

We will always explore other options before taking this course of action, but ultimately you could be at risk of losing your property.

Reporting repairs

You can report a repair using the Report a repair.

Report a repair

Insurance cover and making a claim

When you become a leaseholder it is compulsory to take out buildings insurance cover with the council, and the premiums are included in your service charges. The ‘Statement of Cover’ issued to you at the time of purchase will give you details on how to make a claim.

Buildings insurance documents:


There is nothing in your lease which prevents you from subletting, but please contact us first to request permission.

This must be done because it affects your buildings insurance. You must also consult your lender regarding conditions about subletting.

  • Tenancy agreement - Make sure that you have a suitable tenancy agreement between you and your tenant that includes the covenant (rules) that are contained in your lease
  • Breach of covenant - Your lease is in your name and you are responsible for the property and for the way in which your tenants behave. Any breach of covenant by your tenant could result in court action being taken against you as the owner
  • Appliance safety testing - As a landlord it will be your obligation to ensure that gas, electrical and fire appliances are tested every 12 months, and obtain the relevant certificates