Section 20 consultation procedure

Section 20 consultation procedure and major works

Major works and the consultation procedure

Major works are large items of expenditure on the block such as roof replacements, windows, cladding, new lifts (where applicable), or even heating or landscaping.

When carrying out major works to your block (which cost over £250 per property) or entering into a long term agreement (over £100 per property per year) the council has to follow the provisions of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.

This follows three stages:

  1. Notice of Intention – to explain what the agreement is for and why it is necessary. For smaller jobs the leaseholders can suggest a contractor, the council will then decide between different contractors
  2. Notice of Proposals – once 30 days have elapsed for comments and nominations the council then advises leaseholders of the contractors who have tendered for the work. You can view the tenders at this stage if you wish to do so
  3. Award of Contract/Works under a long-term agreement – after another 30 days the council informs the leaseholders of the new contract/cost of works

If we have written to you regarding proposed works to your block, please see the documents below relating to this.

As advised in your letter, you can send us any written observations you may have to

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