Report an issue with your rented home

How to work with your landlord to carry out repairs

The first step is to write to your landlord and tell them what needs repairing.

You can use the downloadable template repairs request letter to do this. Either email it to your landlord or send the letter in the post, but keep a record of it.

You must allow your landlord 14 days to do the works or arrange for them to be done very soon afterwards.

If your landlord does not reply, or refuses to do the repairs, then we may be able to help you. Contact us through the online form below, giving us details about the disrepair in your home.

Report disrepair in your privately rented home

When we receive your form, we will carry out an assessment of the defects under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System. We will write to your landlord and we may make a visit to your home.