Empty homes

For the 20th year running we have reached our target of filling at least 100 empty properties in the city. Since 1994 we have rehomed 2,000 families in empty properties in Southampton.

Latest estimates suggest there are around 2,700 empty homes in the city at any given time. Around 1,000 of these are left unoccupied for a long periods of time. These properties can become the target of antisocial behaviour and can cause problems for neighbours.

Empty homes - report a problem

Empty properties can cause problems if they are not regularly visited and maintained, whereas if re-occupied they can provide much needed accommodation. If you are aware of an empty property which is beginning to go downhill and is causing problems please let us know using the form:

Report a concern about a property

Helping you to bring empty homes back in to use

We work with landlords and homeowners and provide advice and support on the most suitable options available to them. Such as how VAT on a range of renovation and conversion works can be reduced to 5%.

To find out more please contact us at housingdelivery.andrenewal@southampton.gov.uk.