Please provide as much information as possible when reporting your repair. Use the examples below as a guide.

  • External doors – door frame, door closer, glass, threshold, weatherboard (Does it need adjusting, is it broken, is it loose or damaged, draught under door, leaking?)
  • Internal doors – damaged door, sticking or jamming
  • Keys – lost keys, damaged locks
  • Window – is the window glass broken, jammed, is it timber, metal or plastic, are fasteners broken or jammed

If you are locked out or stuck inside your property please telephone us for help.

If the glass in your window has been smashed as a result of criminal damage you will need to give us a crime reference number.

Repairs to smashed windows will be charged if you do not have a crime reference number or if the damage has been done by you.

The minimum charge is £55.20. If the damage to your window leaves your home exposed causing potential risk please contact us by telephone to report an emergency repair.

For example if your window is double glazed and both panes are smashed.

Report a repair