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Please provide as much information as possible when reporting your repair. Use the examples below as a guide

  • Bath - leaks, blockages, bath and surround, hot or cold taps
  • Basin - leaks, blockages, seals, pedestal, damaged basin
  • WC - seat, pan and blockages, overflow, cistern, flush pipe, supply pipe, soil pipe
  • Shower - shower head, shower controls, shower hose, waste, tray, blockages and pumps
  • Cold water - leaks and burst pipes, is it contained, how much water has escaped, is the water still escaping, radiator, tank, is it from another property?
  • Hot water - is it water heated by a cylinder, do you have an electricity supply to it, is the water too hot or too cold? Do you have an immersion heater?
  • Gas boiler - is it a standard boiler, a back boiler and fire, combination boiler, gas water heater?

If you think your boiler has broken down and you have no heating or hot water please call us.

If you are using the form to report your repair please give us as much information as possible to prevent any delays.

Report a repair