Income services

We ensure that rent is collected and those customers who are having difficulties paying their rent are given help, support and advice.

To assist you, we will:

  • Provide a range of convenient ways for you to pay your rent, promote cheaper ways to pay and increase the number of online users
  • Contact you by letter, phone, text or e-mail if you owe two or more weeks rent, reminding you what you must do
  • Agree realistic, affordable repayment agreements with those in arrears based on a financial assessment of personal circumstances
  • Provide basic debt management advice to people struggling to pay their rent and refer them to other agencies for specialist money advice
  • Tell you in writing if we are going to take you to Court and tell you the outcome of any legal action
  • Endeavour to reduce the number of evictions year on year
  • Look for tenancy fraud and take action when cases are found


Leasehold services

We manage the service charges made to leaseholders for repairs to their blocks and planned improvements.  We also offer advice about the Right to Buy scheme.

We will:

  • Talk to you to make sure you are fully aware of the implications of buying a leasehold flat before you commit to the purchase
  • Consult you fully (within statutory timescales) prior to carrying out any major repairs or improvements, explaining why they are needed for your block
  • Assess service charges in a fair and transparent manner and provide you with clear and detailed information
  • Offer you a variety of convenient options to pay and agree a reasonable repayment plan for larger bills
  • Respond to all your enquiries within 10 working days and explain why if we need to take longer for a full response
  • Send you an estimate of your annual leaseholder charge by the 31 March each year followed up by an actual bill by 30 September each year
  • Support leaseholder engagement and encourage leaseholders to be involved in improving leaseholder services through groups and other involvement opportunities