Capital assets

We develop and manage a programme of improvements that keep our properties well maintained for the benefit of our customers.

We will:

  • Inform you of the nature and length of improvements, including the name of the contractor and a contact number
  • Ensure all contractors working in your home, block or local area comply with our code of conduct
  • Consult with you on any options and choices there may be when we are improving your home or block

We aim to ensure all our homes meet the Decent Homes Standard which means they must:

  • Meet the minimum safety standards for housing
  • Be in a reasonable state of repair
  • Have reasonably modern facilities
  • Have efficient heating and effective insulation

To do this we aim to carry out a property condition survey every six years, and produce an active 30 year plan for improving our housing. The property condition survey is a general survey of the property which enables us to update our records with details of its current condition, and helps ensure that our homes meet the Decent Homes Standard.

Please visit our planned maintenance programme page for further information.


Housing management

We manage tenancies and estates to create communities and neighbourhoods which people are proud of, and encourage tenant and leaseholder involvement.

We will:

  • Provide you with a copy of your tenancy agreement, gas and or electrical certificates, as well as a copy of the Tenants’ Handbook and other useful information
  • Carry out a settling in visit within 12 weeks of you starting your tenancy
  • Treat antisocial behaviour seriously and deal with it in accordance with our policy and procedures
  • Invite you on all neighbourhood walkabouts
  • Clean blocks every month, and will carry out cleaning satisfaction surveys in 12 blocks every month
  • Ensure that your Neighbourhood Warden carries out an inspection on your block every month

We provide support and assistance to applicants wishing to join the housing register, as well as providing information on other housing options available across the city.


Housing needs team


As part of our assessment process, we will:

  • Give information with every housing application, detailing who qualifies to join the Housing Register
  • Write to all successful applicants with information on the Council’s points scheme, as well as your date of registration and Homebid number within 10 working days of receiving your application
  • Write to you with a decision about a Special Assessment within a month of receiving all the necessary information
  • Complete a more detailed assessment and/or help you access support if required

Homebid advertising and letting

We will offer a range of ways for you to bid for properties. We will publicise the result of each letting and nomination detailing how many people bid for the property and the level of points of the successful bid.

Homeless Advice and Homeseeker Lettings

We will assist customers threatened with homelessness by giving advice on housing options and assisting with Homebid, referring for tenancy support where appropriate. In office hours, we will see you within 3 hours if you and your family are homeless. In out of office hours, we will provide assistance in emergencies every day of the year.


Street Homeless Prevention

We will carry out 2 outreach sessions per week and respond to all reports of street sleeping within 1 working day.

Welfare Rights and Money Advice

We will work with you to manage debt and help with benefit entitlement advice. We also provide online self-help guidance on money management.


Housing operations

We are responsible for the day to day maintenance and improvement of over 16,500 council owned homes as well as providing property maintenance services to leaseholders, civic buildings, and to schools across the city.

We employ a dedicated workforce of skilled trade operatives.

We will:

  • Make sure that properties are maintained in a good condition and meet the agreed Moving In and Out standards
  • Develop our repairs service in line with the Chartered Institute of Housing’s Repairs Charter and we expect customers to look after their homes and carry out repairs they are responsible for
  • It easy to request a repair and we will listen to and aim to respond to our residents’ requests and expectations
  • Aim to complete over 80% of repairs on the first visit at a time that is convenient to the customer and make emergency repairs safe within 2 hours
  • Complete 100% of required gas and electrical safety checks within the legally prescribed timescales

Any council operative or contractor working in your homes will produce ID, and adhere to the Repairs Code of Conduct.