If you want to know how the housing department measures its performance or what happens when a target is not met, then the tenant scrutiny panel may be exactly the group for you.

The panel has four objectives:

  1. To look at housing performance information and, where necessary, recommend areas for improvement
  2. To look at all new housing policies and provide a customer perspective on them
  3. To look at customer complaints as part of the council’s complaint procedure
  4. To keep Southampton City Council tenants fully informed of its activities and findings

The Tenant Scrutiny Panel have been busy reviewing and producing the following:

  • Have written a clear policy on use of communal rooms in supported housing blocks across the city, which has been supported and implemented by the council
  • Looking at housings response to complaints to ensure they meet the expected standards. Reviewed the complaints section on the council website to ensure it is customer friendly
  • Provided advice on the council domestic abuse leaflet so that it was clear and easy to read
  • Reviewed the Code of Conduct for Tenant and Leaseholder Involvement to ensure that all participants feel they can be involved in all tenant engagement activities, in a supportive environment
  • Suggested updates for the Tenants Handbook

The panel currently meets every other Thursday from 1-3pm.

Join the tenant scrutiny panel