Tenant training

If you want to become involved but you don’t feel quite ready to join a group, there’s no need to worry.

We run many training courses to boost your confidence and teach you the skills you need to take on any role in tenant involvement.

Email: tenant.engagement@southampton.gov.uk

South Coast Training (SCT)


Important notice

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have decided to postpone the South Coast training sessions until further notice.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you all the best!

Brings tenants together from the South Coast region for an informative and interactive day of training and networking – one of a kind initiative in the country!

In 2019 the SCT celebrated its 20th anniversary! The SCT Group started in 1999 when officers from 6 housing providers united to organise a conference that would bring a whole range of tenants together for some quality training delivered by professional trainers. The SCT is growing in popularity and the group is now to its full capacity; with 10 organisations taking part. SCT continues to deliver relevant course to tenants across the South East.

The day-long events take place twice a year and cater for up to 80 tenants, with spaces allocated to each of the different housing organisations.

An important benefit of South Coast Training is the opportunity it provides for residents to mingle with people from other towns and organisations, to compare issues and share ideas. The atmosphere is open, relaxed and friendly.

The networking opportunity this project brings for the organisers is invaluable. 10 organisations virtually exchange the best practice, advice, work initiatives, individual training sessions and more is another added benefit to this this unique project.

The South Coast Training has been temporarily postponed due to Covid 19 pandemic – we hope to resume the activities in April 2021.