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March feature image Instead of welcoming the first signs of spring we’re still in the midst of the big chill as wintery weather continues. Make sure you keep warm and look out for elderly or vulnerable neighbours while it is so cold outdoors. But despite the lack of sunshine, some things are looking brighter in the city thanks to the positive vibe spreading across housing as more tenants are discovering the genuine benefits of getting involved. Tenants can and do influence how the service is run, and this month’s issue includes reports on what happened when Southampton tenants met the Government’s Housing Minister and an introduction to our Tenant Involvement team and how they can help you and your community.

Feature News

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Tenants take their views to the top

Housing Minister Dominic Raab met social housing tenants to discuss their issues and concerns

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Old and young combatting loneliness in Southampton

Once a fortnight pensioners and children get together for an evening of fun and laughter.

Manage your money

Make your money go further

Follow our top tips to make your money work for you

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A hate crime could be sparked because of a victim’s age, disability, gender, race, religious views or if they are or appear to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender

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Do you want to help us improve the Housing Service?

Our Tenant Engagement team is here to encourage and support tenants to influence the services they receive.


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