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Have your say about housing proposals

We are considering reducing the age limit from 60+ to 50+ for some of our supported housing schemes and want to know what you think about the idea. It would mean we could house more people on the waiting list and help ensure unoccupied ‘hard to let’ homes are put to good use. Let us know how the proposals could affect you and if you have any alternatives you feel we should consider. Complete the online questionnaire today.

When trouble comes knocking

From bogus callers to rogue traders; doorstep criminals will say anything to get you to part with your money. They often prey on elderly and vulnerable people and those who live alone. If you are worried about a friend, family member or neighbour who has been pressurised to part with money please contact the police on 101 (or dial 999 if a crime is in progress). For advice on how to spot the signs of doorstep crime and financial abuse watch this online video or contact Citizens Advice.

Know your rights

If you need to find out anything about your Tenancy Agreement (which contains all the details about your rights as a tenant and our responsibilities as your landlord) you can download a copy, along with The Tenants Handbook. We are currently reviewing our Tenancy Agreement – look out for more information in next month’s edition.

And finally

As the outside temperatures begin to creep up, make sure your heating costs go down. At this time of year you can save money by simply turning down the thermostat. Reduce room temperatures by just 1°C and you could cut your heating bills by almost 10%. Adjust your central heating timer to switch off at night and during the day (if your home is empty) to save even more fuel.

Feature News

Townhill Park flats Southampton

Home sweet home in Townhill Park

Tenants have moved into the city’s newest council homes, which have just been built at Roundhill Close in Townhill Park.

Neighbourhood Wardens Southampton

Keeping it in the family

Three generations of a Southampton family are involved with our Neighbourhood Warden scheme, proving that age is no barrier when it comes to improving your local community.

Eviction notice police officer

Drug dealer evicted

We work closely with the police to tackle incidents of anti-social behaviour to ensure everyone living or working on our estates feels safe and secure.

Money coins notes pounds

Are you missing out on extra income?

With the cost of living going up all the time are you finding it harder to make ends meet? Our Welfare Rights & Money Advice team can check you’re not missing out on benefit payments that could help ease your financial situation.

Tenant inspectors group

Best foot forward to improve the service

Recently our team of Tenant Inspectors have put on their walking boots to place the Housing Service under the microscope.

Boiler maitenance workman

Don't put your family at risk

No one would knowingly put their family and loved ones in harm’s way, but having an unchecked gas boiler or gas appliance in your home is a potentially lethal situation.

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