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Add your memories to the city’s 2020 archive

2020 has been a year like no other in living memory, so the city’s Museum Service is creating an archive to help document and remember this unique moment of our history. We need local people of all ages to contribute personal responses and experiences to illustrate what it’s like living and working in Southampton during the COVID-19 crisis. Photographs, diary entries, blogs, sound, music and film recordings or even physical objects are all needed to form an important archive for future generations that will also be exhibited in one of the city’s galleries or museums. Please get in touch for more details and to find out how to contribute.

Keep rent payments up to date

During the lockdown we suspended taking action against tenants who were due to be evicted, but now that restrictions have eased, the government is considering resuming possession (eviction) claims later this month. Evictions are the last resort for tenants who refuse to stick to the terms of their tenancy agreement, for example by not paying rent or behaving antisocially. If you’re struggling to make ends meet for whatever reason talk to us about your rent account to work out a way forward.

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Volunteering has benefits for everyone!

Volunteering is a great way to give something back to your local community, but the benefits can be even bigger for you – the volunteer. As well as helping to improve your health and wellbeing, volunteering can sometimes lead on to paid work and a whole new career, as one tenant from Golden Grove has found out.

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Next council homes for Southampton

The need for more affordable housing – both to rent and buy – is more important than ever, so it’s good news that our plans to develop hundreds of new council homes across Southampton are progressing well. When lockdown restrictions eased earlier in the summer, work was able to restart safely back on our construction sites where council homes are taking shape.

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Additional payment if you move to Universal Credit from another benefit

Additional payment if you move to Universal Credit from another benefit. If your circumstances change and you move from one of the benefits listed below onto Universal Credit, you will receive an additional payment worth up to two weeks benefit. This one-time payment, known as a run-on, is to help people during their first assessment period, and does not have to be paid back.

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Tackling the housing cheats

With such high demand for council housing, and thousands on the waiting list, housing fraud is scandalous. We’re cracking down on those who cheat the system to make sure housing fraudsters get the punishment they deserve. This can include losing their home and the right to social housing in the future, and also the possibility of prosecution, which may result in either a jail term and/or a hefty fine.

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Virtual Tenants' Handbook

Virtual Tenants’ Handbook is available at the touch of a button

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Know someone who is feeling low?

Who hasn’t felt worried or stressed in recent months? Concerns about coronavirus and keeping safe and healthy, money worries due to lost or reduced income and the stress of being confined indoors during the lockdown are all taking their toll on many people. This is a challenging time for our mental health and wellbeing so checking in on your family, friends and colleagues is more important than ever.

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