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ASB Burgoyne Road

Caught on camera

Our CCTV cameras in Thornhill recently helped to catch a local criminal in the act! After residents at Burgoyne Road complained that the communal door had been badly damaged we were able to find the incident had been captured on camera and passed the footage straight to the police.

The suspect, who was easily identifiable, was seen punching the door and caused a lot of damage to the property. When the police caught up with him he was charged and is now awaiting sentencing. He will be made to repay the costs of the damage he caused at Burgoyne Road.

Meanwhile a new door has been fitted at the flats, providing a much more safe and secure entrance for residents.

We take matters such as criminal damage very seriously and if you witness someone acting antisocially or witness any damage to our property please let us know so that we can identify and take action against the culprits.

Please be vigilant and report any incidents of antisocial behaviour (ASB) in your neighbourhood. It is quick and easy to report ASB, and we can and do take action against perpetrators. If it is urgent and a crime is in progress dial 999.

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