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Safer and more secure Castle House

Christmas has come early for residents at Castle House in the city centre, thanks to the installation of a new front door which makes the building much more safe and secure.

The new sliding door entrance comes after residents complained the old communal timber-framed door was constantly blown open by the wind; leaving the building unprotected against the elements as well as uninvited visitors.

As well as increasing safety for everyone who lives at the block, the new aluminium door will be much more cost effective to maintain. It has even been powder coated with a coloured timber effect to match the old doors and remain in keeping with the building.

A heavy duty doormat and new screens and doors at the car park and lower main entrance complete a fresh new look for the block, and residents say they are delighted.

“The new door is a vast improvement to the previous entry system, and there have been nothing but favourable comments from the residents here about its suitability, both visually and operationally. The council took the time to accommodate everybody’s concerns and we are all delighted with the result.” Jean Willis, a resident at Castle House

If you have a comment or a concern about the block or street where you live please let us know or talk to your local housing office.

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