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Current exhibitions  

The Morris Dancer and The Rat Catcher: Modern British Figure Paintings from the Collection: 17 February - 13 May 2017.  Artists have always been drawn to the figure as a means of expressing contemporary life, emotions and events. Southampton City Art Gallery is fortunate to have some of the finest holdings of 20th Century British Art outside London, which includes outstanding examples of figurative painting by some of the great artists of the last century.

Looking At: Abstraction with Stephen Snoddy: 17 February – 29 April 2017.  When former Southampton City Art Gallery director, Stephen Snoddy, was invited to curate a display from the collection, he proposed selecting 10 abstract paintings and making his own response to each to create a ‘couplet’. Taking elements from each of the chosen works, he has then used them to construct his own paintings.

Still Hanging Around: Paintings by Margery Clarke, 1956 to the present: 17 February – 23 April 2017. An exhibition of paintings by Hilda Margery Clarke to celebrate her 90th year. She was born in Manchester and learnt to paint through the guidance of L.S. Lowry, with whom she remained life-long friends until his death in 1976. 

On the Water – In the Water: 4 Feb – 25 March. 25 members of the Phorum Photography Group showcase a series of work responding to our relationship to water, focussing on the sea and rivers in Southampton and nearby coastal areas.

Permanent exhibitions

The Perseus Series in The Baring Room by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones: The Perseus series consists of ten cartoons in gouache for a series of large oil paintings. Based on a number of Greek myths, it is a heroic tale of knight-errantry and the triumph of good over evil.

Future exhibitions

Capture the Castle: British Artists and the Castle from Turner to Le Brun 26 May - 2 September. This is the first ever large-scale art exhibition on the subject of British castles. Everyone loves a castle: the first sight of a great mediaeval castle such as Conwy, Harlech or Dover can be a spine-tingling moment, they have an exceptional visual wow factor.

Caroline Hall 29 April – 19 August. Spanning a decade of the artists’ work, this exhibition is an examination of subject, surface and material. 
Kathakali meets Carnival: Celebrating the traditions of South India and Carnival
13 May – 19 August. An exhibition of costumes and performances bringing together the culture and traditions of Southern India, the Caribbean, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.


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