Looking for work

Looking for work

Looking for work

If you have recently lost or are about to lose your job, we appreciate this is a worrying time and you will have lots of questions and concerns. At this time, you need to look after your finances but also your health and your family if you have one.

This page acts like a checklist is for so you can work through the different things you need to do or consider in your situation. Each link will open in a new tab, so the list remains open for you.

2 Apply for universal credit 

You may be eligible for Universal Credit if you are out of work and this can be used to support you while you look for work.

3 Other financial support 

You may be eligible for other support while you are out of work .

4 Apply for jobs 

It is important to keep applying for roles or opportunities throughout the process.

5 Staying in touch 

You can stay up to date with all the latest council news and information using the links below. If you have any questions, enquiries or problems that can’t be answered by the pages above, there are plenty of ways to have your say and get in touch with us online.