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You are here:home > Living > Adult social care > Help and Support for Independent Living > Telecare


Telecare simply means providing support and reassurance from a distance through the use of alarms and sensors. It can help people manage the risks of living in their own homes, while still remaining as independent as possible and can give peace of mind to carers and families.

These alarms and sensors, located around the home, raise an alarm to either CAREline or an onsite carer in the event of a potential problem or accident. If an alarm is raised at CAREline then a customer advisor will contact the person to ask if there is a problem and how they can help.

Telecare - more information

1. What are the benefits of having Telecare?

• It can give you a choice in how your health and care needs can be met
• It can help you to remain independent in your own home for longer
• It can provide increased safety
• Systems and support can be tailored to meet your needs
• It can give peace of mind to your family and carers

2. Who is Telecare for?

Telecare is for people who:
• have specific long terms conditions such as dementia or memory loss
• are faced with moving into a residential care home
• are at risk of falling at home
• require rehabilitation to enable them to return home successfully
• have a sensory impairment
• have physical disabilities
• have learning disabilities

3. How does it work?

An alarm system connected to Telecare sensors placed around the home will trigger an alarm if a problem is detected or if the call button is pressed.   This can either be to an onsite alarm if you live with someone that looks after you, or to the community alarm centre CAREline. During the setting up of the equipment a suitable response plan for you is developed. This may involve families, carers, other agencies or services provided by the CAREline team.

If the alarm goes through to CAREline a customer advisor will talk to you through the base unit to ask if there is a problem and how they can help. If the customer advisor is unable to make contact with you, or if it is an emergency, then they will contact either the emergency services or a member of your family or carer.

4. How can I obtain Telecare?

You can obtain Telecare if you meet our eligibility criteria and have been referred through a Care Manager or other care professional or you privately fund your care.

Your needs will be assessed and the most suitable equipment will be offered to you that best meets your needs.  Your view and those of family members and carers will be taken into account so that you are comfortable with the equipment issued to you.

5. How much does it cost?

A Telecare package will be installed, specifically to meet your needs.  Costs vary but can start as little as £2.50 a week.  You can discuss this in more detail with the care professional assessing your needs.

6. What information will I be required to provide if I am eligible for Telecare?

When a Telecare package is agreed, information will be required in order to store vital carer, family, contact, personal and medical information on the CAREline system.  When help is needed from the response centre, the staff will be able to view the details and provide assistance quickly and effectively with the correct information.  Details of 2 contacts are necessary for notification when assistance is required.

You will also be required to complete and sign a consent form in order to have the equipment installed in your home and to allow us to use it to monitor your wellbeing.  

7. Who can I contact to get more information about Telecare?

You need to contact CAREline, using the following details:

Telephone: 023 8083 3675
Address: CAREline, Southampton City Council, Community Alarm Service, 2nd Floor, City Depot, First Avenue, Southampton, SO15 0LJ

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